Why Dr. Jill Stein Must Be President #Itsinourhands


Should Dr. Jill Stein be elected as the first female President instead of Hillary Clinton? Is Dr. Jill Stein the best option for Bernie Sanders supporters? The Daily Loco believes that the answer to both of these questions is: Yes! (The Daily Loco also thinks that Socialist Gloria La Riva is a great option. More on her next week)

Today is officially #DemExit and people are leaving the Democratic Party en masse. They are fed up with the lies and corruption that permeate every crack and crevice of the Party. Hillary failed to win them over and they want another alternative. The mainstream media and Hillary supporters love to say, “If you don’t vote for Hillary, Trump will win. Do you want that?” During the Democratic Conference, a reporter told a young Bernie supporter that she had to choose between Hillary and Trump…she only had two choices. The young woman looked at the reporter and said, “I have more than two choices…I will vote for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party!”

What does Dr. Jill Stein stand for and does she really have a chance? Here is a quick breakdown of her Power to the People platform from her website:

  • The Green New Deal: Create jobs by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030 and by investing in public transit, sustainable agriculture, and conservation
  • Create living-wage jobs for everyone ($15 minimum wage)
  • Strengthen and form unions.
  • Guarantee economic human rights: access to food, water, housing and utilities.
  • Single-payer health insurance
  • Abolish student debt to free a generation of Americans from debt servitude.
  • Tuition-free public education (K-University)
  • School privatization
  • Democratize the Federal Reserve
  • End fracking, tar sands, offshore drilling, oil trains, mountaintop removal, and uranium mines.
  • Demilitarize the police. “Ensure communities control their police rather than police controlling our communities.”
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Abolish corporate personhood

These are just a few of her ideas, check out more at the Jill2016 website.


I absolutely love her platform. It is a very “feel good” utopian dream. It is an amazing ideal of what America should and could be.

A lot of people will point to her lack of political experience as a reason why she will not get their vote. If that is you, you should take a moment of your time to learn about her. She has dedicated her life to the People…she is a fighter. (Read her bio here)

Others will say that you are hurting Hillary Clinton and wasting your vote if you vote for a third-party. Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party do not have a chance! The will say…look at what Ralph Nader did to Al Gore.

This is America and everybody has the right to vote for the person who they support! The reason why third parties struggle is because the People are afraid to vote for them. The mainstream party followers and the media use scare tactics to convince people to use their vote for the mainstream candidates.

This is a political revolution and we must continue what Bernie started. We need to show the mainstream party and the media that we are not sheep. If the People really supported the candidate of their choice, third-party candidates would be the norm. It is time to say that we have had enough! If you supported Bernie, you should really consider supporting Dr. Jill Stein (or Gloria la Riva)

Strategically speaking, at least 13.2 million People voted for Bernie during the primaries. That does not include all of the independent voters who were unable to vote in the primaries. If the Bernie supporters move over to Dr. Jill Stein and the independent voters follow suit, Dr. Stein can beat Hillary and Trump. We need to remember that there is another third-party candidate for the Libertarian Party who is going to steal votes from Trump. (read more here)

Dr. Stein has the ability to win this and become the first woman elected to be the President of the United States! The only thing that stands in the way is us. If we ignore the scare tactics and unite behind her, she will be unstoppable. So, visit her site, sign up, share the message and let the Revolution continue! #JillnotHill #DemExit #GoGreen #VoteGreen @DrJillStein