Susana Martinez Sells The Health of New Mexico’s Children To The Highest Bidder

Susana Coke

Did Susana Martinez really sell the right to destroy the health of New Mexico’s children for a few dollars at a fundraiser? Is building a war chest for her campaign really worth harming children? Apparently so, because that is exactly what Susana did at the home of Susan Neely in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

In May, Ms. Neely, President & CEO of the American Beverage Association, held a dinner/fundraiser at her home in Maryland to raise money for Susana Martinez. The event was attended by some of the biggest GOP heavy-hitters and policy makers. It cost a minimum of $500 to attend the event.


I ask you…why would somebody from Maryland care who the governor of New Mexico is? Why would the American Beverage Association want Susana to win?


The answer is pretty simple actually. New Mexico is only one of 15 states that does not have a sales tax on regular sodas sold in food stores. Soda taxes are not food taxes. It is only a tax on soda, which has been proven to decrease consumption of the unhealthy beverage. A soda tax would also generate revenue for the state which could be used to fund education.

Obviously the American Beverage Association doesn’t want a tax on soda in New Mexico.

No big deal right? They are just doing what any other organization would do. They are just looking out for their best interest right?

But wait a minute… New Mexico is one of the smaller states by population in the country. How much money could the soda industry actually make in New Mexico? Probably not that much.

Then why do Susana’s funders care? Because they love to exploit minority children! According to a Yale study:

“black children and teens saw 80- to 90 percent more [soda] ads compared with whites, including more than twice as many ads for Sprite, Mountain Dew, 5-hour Energy, and Vitamin Water. Hispanic children saw 49 percent more ads for sugary drinks and energy drinks, with Hispanic preschoolers seeing more ads for Coca-Cola Classic, Kool-Aid, 7 Up and Sunny Delight than their older counterparts.”

Let me ask you…what is the largest Hispanic state per capita? You guessed it… New Mexico! New Mexico’s population is 46.7% Hispanic.

Martinez soda


What’s wrong with drinking soda? Nothing if you drink it in reasonable amounts. But too much soda has been linked to obesity, diabetes, kidney damage, and even high blood pressure.

What makes this horrible fact worse is that Mexican-Americans already have a higher rate of diabetes than Caucasians. 13.9% of Mexican-American’s have diabetes compared to 7.6% of Caucasians.

So why not exploit Hispanic children in New Mexico with a product that increases the chance of getting diabetes? Great idea Susana!

How about this fact... 78% of Hispanics (41% youth rate) are obese compared to 67% of Caucasians (33% youth rate). So why not prey on Hispanics with a product linked to obesity?

The fact is that excess soda consumption causes many problems with children and Susana doesn’t seem to care.


Susana’s buddy, Susan Neely, has to make sure that she keeps her pot of gold safe. Susana Martinez was more than happy to take money from an Association that exploits minorities and contributes to poor health.

A soda tax makes sense from a public health and economic perspective. Soda is unhealthy, just as cigarettes and alcohol are. But the beverage industry and Susana Martinez want to keep pumping our children full of it.

Susana Martinez claims to care about the children of New Mexico, but apparently she cares more about money from the soda industry.

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