SFCC Illegally Denies GED Recipients the Lottery Scholarship

Sometimes individuals decide that they want to have a better life. That is why they decide to take their GED. They may have had circumstances which made graduating high school impossible, but that doesn’t mean that they are failures. Many New Mexico residents have completed their GED’s in the last few month’s in an attempt to start college. They realize that the economy is tough and a college degree can open doors of opportunity that are currently closed to them. Unfortunately, Santa Fe Community College unlawfully denies them the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship that they are entitled to. SFCC stomps on their dreams before they get a chance to start.

Last week, one such recipient received her official scores. She broke down crying tears of joy. She had dropped out of high school almost 10 years ago to help take care of her younger sisters and assist her parents with the bills. She is now a mother of 2 children who works at Wal-Mart for slightly above minimum wage. She is a first generation Mexican-American who wants to fulfill hers parents dreams and provide an example for her children to follow. She is planning on attending Santa Fe Community College, but SFCC seems to not want her there.

This student is a very low income individual and cannot afford to attend SFCC without the Lottery Scholarship. She was under the impression that GED recipients who enroll in College the first semester after GED completion are eligible for the Lottery Scholarship. She is correct in that assumption. The New Mexico Legislature authorizes GED recipients to receive the Lottery Scholarship under those circumstances. It does not matter how many years an individual is out of school, they are entitled to the Lottery Scholarship.

SFCC does not see it that way and told her so. They said that she only gets the Lottery Scholarship if she attended college the first semester after high school graduation. SFCC told her that she was misinformed and out of luck. She was devastated and felt like her dream was over.

The Daily Loco calls upon Senator Linda Lopez and other Legislators to address this issue immediately. The next semester of College is fast approaching and these GED recipients may skip college due to bad advice. They need help now. Show us that you are all politicians for the people. The Lottery Scholarship may be in danger of going broke, but that is not their fault. It is your fault. As the Daily Loco has stated before, there is plenty of money available for the Lottery Scholarship. We, as New Mexican’s, just need to get our priorities straight. Let’s give a voice to the voiceless.

Please voice your concerns to Senator Linda Lopez: @lopez4gov

Senator Howie Morales: @morales4nm

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