What do you think New Mexico’s New Years resolution should be?


As the new year approaches, it is time to contemplate what our New Year’s resolution should be. The Daily Loco has decided to address New Mexico’s pressing resolutions on a city by city basis. Over the next few days, we will ask the readers to tell us what they think is the most important social issue in different city’s around New Mexico. We ask that the readers make a suggestion on how to solve that problem. On New Years Day, the Daily Loco will post the New Years Resolution list for New Mexico.

So think hard and be creative with your solutions. It will be fun to work as a team to make this a better state. You can answer the questions through Twitter at @dailyloco, post a comment on this site, or find us on Facebook: Burque’s Daily Loco. Ask others to join in on the conversation.

We figured that we will start with the Duke City…Albuquerque:

1. What is Albuquerque’s most pressing social issue?

2. How do you propose that we fix the problem? What steps can we, as a group, take in 2014?

Thank you so much! The Daily Loco looks forward to the conversation. Stay Loco!

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